Wavy hair gives you the best of both worlds: On one hand you get the joy of sleek, sexy hair, while on the other hand, you can experience that extra bounce!

Wavy hairstyles are super fun to style. We’ve collected some of our favorite celebrities with long, wavy hair. Feel free to air dry your hair extensions, or achieve your waves with a heatstyling tool.

The Best Hair Styles For Long Wavy Hair

Deep Side Part

As your hair stylist to give you a deep side part this season! A deep side part is an easy way to change up your look, and it requires minimal effort. Also,  it’s super flattering because it helps balance and complement all face shapes.


Center Part

There’s no doubt about it, center parts are slimming, modern and clean. If you’re confident, and want to evoke “supermodel perfect symmetry,” give a center part a try. A center part will open your face up and put your features front and, well, center.



Headbands are adorable accessories that add an instant layer of polish and sophistication to your look. Better yet, they cleverly mask your bad hair days. Trust us.