One by one, celebrities are snipping off their long tresses to sport a new sassy, curly bob for the red carpet. A bob is a perfect way to show off your confident, trendy, and sophisticated self.

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Bobs come in so many different styles and shapes. You can play with highlights and new hues.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 2.14.49 PM

We love Beyoncé’s wavy bob with a side part. Her asymmetrical cut tapers slightly toward the back, and features long spiraling tresses that spill into her face. The cut features light highlights and brunette roots. The gold pendant necklaces are a boho-chic edition to her fabulous look.

Beyonce Bob

She also switched up the same look to reveal a1920s-inspired sophisticated symmetrical bob with a center part. Same golden highlights, different look. Her curls are fuller and the haircut is shorter, making her look very glam for the red carpet.

Beyoncé isn’t the only celebrity to wear a bob.

Scandal star Kerry Washington has practically trademarked her wavy bob and wispy bangs. Bangs work well for the beautiful actress because it draws attention away from her forward and toward the center of her face. Her long bangs make her look mysterious and alluring.

Kerry Washington Bob

Bangs are a wonderful option for your extensions because they allow you to look fabulously chic, but also allow your hair to rest. There is no need to apply heat or perm to your own hair, allowing your edges to grow.


Bobs can be worn asymmetircally across the face as well. Here, English American actress Rebecca Hall is seen with a super cute asymmetrical bob. The harcut is blunt and makes a bold statement. There’s nothing gradual or suble about the asymmetry. The cut’s bluntness is softened with her loose waves.

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