How do I gain access to Indo Hair? Can I just walk in?


Indo Hair is a secure, exclusive hair retailer. The only way to gain access is to make an appointment. If they’re not expecting you, you’re not getting in.


Is the building secure?


Absolutely! Indo has a secured front door, a secured lobby (that’s also quite comfortable), and a second security door that you walk through to get into the shop itself. Indo also has a secure, private parking lot and security cameras everywhere.


Is your hair 100 percent human hair?


Always, always, always. Indo prides itself on its honesty, which means you can trust what they sell. Indo only sells pure human Indian hair straight from India. No matter if you’re buying a bundle of hair, a closure, or extensions, you’re getting the highest quality hair available.


Do you carry varied textures and colors?


Indo carries every texture and color you can think of. If you can dream it, you can probably find it in a hair rack somewhere at Indo.


But what if you don’t carry what I want?


Ok, fine. Indo carries almost everything, but if it so happens you’ve got a particular color/texture combo in mind that you can’t get in-store, Indo will custom order what you’re looking for.


What else do you sell besides bundles of hair?


Indo carries practically everything you need in terms of hair and haircare products. This is your one-stop shop for realistic closures, beautiful extensions, and even human hair wigs. Keep checking the blog to get exclusive updates on the latest in-store stock. They do not disappoint. Book an appointment to see for yourself.


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