The dip dye and the Ombre styles are all the rave these days so I thought we’ll whip out a quick tutorial on how to do this yourselves! You can do this to your existing hair and the extensions that you get from IndoHair as well. So let’s dip into the details shall we (pun intended! )

This tutorial will just cover the easy way with food colouring for a quick change of colour. Expect a much more detailed one for a more professional looking ombre aswell!


Food Colouring

This method is very cost effective and takes no time at all. This method will show up more on lighter colours like blonde but fret not it still works on the darker colours without the need for bleach. Bleach is something that should be handled with care and may damage your hair and your IndoHair products if used incorrectly!

So here we go!

DIY hair dip dye ingredients that you need to make your own dye at home that can be applied on your hair extensions that are 100% genuine human hair products

We need a container to mix the dye, a spoon to mix it, some food coloring and shampoo to make the dye and a tooth brush (a hair brush is much better if you have one) to apply the it and some aluminium foil to wrap your hair and keep it dry while the dye does its magic. A old t shirt, some newspapers on the floor and a pair of gloves will save you a lot of regrets after the work is done as well

Step 01 – Plait your hair or divide it into easy partitions

Plaiting hair for dip DYE. You can do this same for your extensions and closures that are 100% genuine human hair

Although this is not essential this will save you a lot of time and will make this much easy if you’re trying this for the first time

Step 02- Add the food colouring and the shampoo and mix

Food colouring and shampoo to make a DIY dip dye for your closures, partials and extensions hat are 100% genuine human hair

Add the shampoo and food coloring (make sure it’s a white or clear shampoo) till the color is a little darker than you want . . . . .

Step 03 – Apply the mixture on to your hair

Like I mentioned earlier make sure you are wearing old clothes or a towel around your neck and chest. Use the hair brush and cover your hair with the dye. Make sure you use enough of the dye until all of your hair is covered

applying DYE in the hair with a brush on your 100% genuine indian human hair

Now wrap the ends of your braids or the portions with the foil so that the dye won’t leak. A time of around 2 to 3 hours is recommended but with darker hair this time may increase. You will have to play around with this element until you get that perfect tone you wanted!


Step 04- Wash it out!

hair dye washing out of your 100% genuine indian human hair

When you wash this out don’t worry a lot of the dye will end up in the sink but that’s OK. Make sure you wash it all out or else the shampoo will dry as well. Use a gentle paper towel drying and then blow dry the ends under the gentle settings.

You should be able to get something like this !

Dip DYE final look on your 100% genuine indian human hair

The results will vary from your hair color but as your IndoHair products are from 100%  virgin Natural Indian Hair it will give the same results as with your normal hair!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! We’ll be back next week with a more detailed tutorial that might involve bleach. I’ll leave my words of caution until then. Have a pleasant week !

Image credits from prettydressesinthelaundry


As always remember to consult your local salon and have a routine to take care of your beautiful 100% authentic natural Indian hair extensions.


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