Date night is not just about your outfit, but your whole look – including your hair! Long down your back or swept around in a updo are all important decisions that have to be made before an upcoming date. Here are some great style to try with or without extensions.

  1. Nearly Undone Knot – Create a side part using your fingers. Then loosely curl the entire head with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron. Tease the crown, then smooth the top layer over with a comb. Gather hair at the nape and secure with an elastic, then lightly tease the ponytail and mist in a nonsticky hair spray.
  2. Bouncy Curls –  Get this by spraying a smoothing product over towel-dried hair, then work in a volumizing mousse. Blow hair dry with a paddle brush, parting hair wherever you like. Although you could use a large-barrel curling iron, Hawkins recommends using medium-size hot rollers for a softer effect.
  3. The Modern Bardot – Start out with an allover mist of thickening spray and blow-dry with a round brush. Then, with a two-inch iron, curl the section of hair in the middle of the top of the head away from the face. Curl hair lightly at the bottom so it tucks under. Create a middle part that’s an inch and a half long, and lightly tease the crown. Take the section of hair to the right of your part and pull it toward the back. Secure at ear level with bobby pins. Then do the same on the opposite side, draping it across the side that’s already pinned down. Slide U-shaped pins in sideways to secure, keeping them concealed. Pull out a few wispy pieces at the front and top with light-hold hair spray.

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