As amazing as weave is, it still is human hair. There are still actions that need to be taken to ensure your hair stays amazing. Everyday styling and heating can take a toll on hair, especially extensions. After a while, some women may even get…brace yourself….split ends. Repairing split ends could mean buying more products, trimming your beautiful locks or even having to replace your weave. So how can you revive your hair from one of the most costly forms of damage? Try this trick.


Products To Get:

Split Ends Repair (Reader’s Choice of Product) 
Blue Magic Hair and Scalp
Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizer



  1. Part your hair into four sections.
  2. Take one section and spray Split Ends Repair spray onto the damaged section. Then comb through.
  3. Take a very small amount of Blue Magic and rub onto the same section. Rub until dry.
  4. Finally take a small amount of Shea Butter and rub on the very same section until completely rubbed through. It will dry quickly.
  5. Style as needed.

While this method is super old school, hair is hair! When the hair is dry, you must moisturize it to ensure longevity. Talk to a Indo Hair stylist to learn more about ways to manage your extensions.