This summer is calling for blazing sunshine and high temperatures. Sometimes comfortable styles are the ones off the neck. An updo is both simple and quick when you’re bored with wearing your hair down. The real question is, how can you make an simple updo stylish? Take a look at this year’s go-to styles for the summer of 2015 – you might just fall in love.

Buns, Knots and Twists
Making a fun return are buns, knots and twist updos. They offer a more casual and effortless look for days when you want to look cute and laid back. Whether it is a single bun and one with multiple sections, it is a one-time updo that is sure to shave time on your morning routine.


Grunge Braids
Braids are looking grungy this summer. This style is for rebellious and bold girls who love to stand out. Braids can be a bit time consuming when first starting them, but once complete you’re up and out the door. The key with grunge braids is to find the sweet spot between braiding them once, and keeping them in for a few days.

Modern Beehive
For some serious flashbacks, the beehive hairstyle is prefect for the summer especially with the different variations you can come up with to match your style! Yes, it is a beehive, but a casual twist it is sure to be the big trend on the streets. Adventurous ideas await with this hairstyle.


Make an appointment with an Indo Hair stylist to see what hair length you’ll need to do these awesome styles for the summer.