There is a new *sew-in trend that just hit the streets and it’s catching on like wildfire. The Vixen sew-in is a newly popular weave *installation method that applies tracks in 4 different sections, rather than the single *hive method that is traditionally used.

This allows for more versatile hairstyles, such as ones that blend in with your natural hair (which typically remain out of the braids). Usually, hair is left out around the edges and the middle of the head. This method has been seen on Instagram, Pinterest, and hair blogs everywhere. Here are the steps to do the perfect vixen sew-in.


  1. Separate down the middle, then braid in the middle and across the head to create four sections. Use the two finger technique to space out the amount of hair you want braid, start plaiting down the middle, and then across the head. This will create the equal four sections.
  2. Take one of the four sections, braid around the edge, and proceed to the hive method within the section until hair is completely braided together. Use sew-in string to secure the braid together in the section. Tuck the free braid into the section. Repeat this method on the remaining three corners.
  3. Once complete, you may begin installing. (Note: For a more a secure installation, you can sew a hair net around the head and cut along around each section. This will leave the center cross braid free of the net. Then the net should only cover the corner braids.) Start in one of the corners and begin to sew the hair from left to right across the section only, just as you would when doing a regular installment. Remember to sew in the direction you want the hair to fall.
  4. Once all sections are installed, unbraid the edges and center pieces to layout on top of installed the hair. Flat iron and style as desired.


The vixen install method is the greatest choice for naturals who want to wear a weave that matches their hair, texture, and curl type. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you plan on getting a STRAIGHT weave or a weave that is a vastly different texture than your own natural hair, the Vixen install process is NOT a good idea for you. This is because it will not look as natural as your own hair texture. Also, this method is more suitable for naturals with hair no more than 6 inches shorter than their weave of choice for the purpose blend.  Next time you visit Indo Hair, speak with a stylist to see if you can try this process!

* = Hair extension terminology. Please click here for definitions.