Do you suffer from dry hair? Frizz? Unruly hair that just seems to do what it wants to do?

There are some natural products that can help with all of your hair frustrations and you can find them at your local grocery store! Read on for more information about the six beauty oils that will change the health of your hair for the better.

tea tree

Tea Tree oil:

Best for acne, dandruff, and dry scalp

This oil quickly penetrates the skin and can act as a clarifying beauty treatment, removing old skin cells for better cellular turnover.


Argan oil:

Best for dry skin and hair

The latest trend in beauty oils is known for its astounding hydrating and regenerative properties. The abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants help fight free-radical damages as well as help erase acne and fine lines.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Best for extra dry skin and hair

EVOO is extra rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which helps fight aging hair and skin. Seek out bottles that say “cold press” which means its has a higher level of nutrients.


Coconut oil:

Best for acne, eczema, and dry hair

This natural beauty oil penetrates hair cuticles to provide flexibility and strength while remaining delicate enough to also use on sensitive skin.


Almond oil:

Best for all skin a hair types

Almond oil is full of vitamin A, B, and E and will maintain moisture levels without clogging pores. It also reduces irritation and inflammation from medical and environmental irritants. It can help rid split ends as well as treat dandruff.


Avocado oil:
Best for dry hair and hair loss

Avocado oil provides frizz control, repairs split ends, aids in scalp rejuvenation, and stimulates hair growth.

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