It can be so frustrating when the rest of your hair is growing as it should be but your crown area keeps getting thinner and thinner. While natural hair can hide breakage better than relaxed or transitioning hair, it can definitely happen to anyone. Here are some practices/ physical concerns that may be contributing to the breakage1) Differences in texture and curl- It is not unusual for the crown area of the head to have a different curl pattern or texture and may require special treatment. If the hair at your crown is kinkier or finer than the rest of your hair it is important to make sure it stays extra moisturized.

2) Physical trauma- Styling stressors like fluffing hair with styling tools, overuse of chemicals, and even high pressure showers can cause damage to the crown area. By limiting these practices, and being more gentle on your hair in general, your crown area can repair itself in a matter of weeks.

3) Dry hair from insufficient conditioning- It is so easy to miss the crown area and forget to get under the layers of hair while conditioning. We tend to focus on the middle and slather the conditioner on the ends without taking notice of the dry scalp and crown area. Be sure to give your crown lots of love. When in doubt, moisturize!

If you are looking to grow out your damaged hair why not try a wig or sew-in and leave the styling products alone? Indo Hair specializes in quality human hair that looks naturals so you don’t have to worry. Make an appointment today!