100 Years of Beauty by Cut Video has gone viral and for good reason! Created as a follow up to the first 100 years of beauty, Episode 2 features African American hairstyles and the beautiful transformation through the ages.

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Hair styles by the decade:

1910- Coming out of the Victorian Age, women wore their hair up and away from their face.

1920- Women of the 1920s sported cropped hair and pin curls like Jazz legend Josephine Baker.

1930- The 30s brought a slightly longer hairstyle (still kept close to the face) with red lips and dark eyeliner.

1940- The addition of gardenias in the hair is iconic of the Billie Holiday era.40

1950- The style of the 50s is perfectly coiffed. Not a hair out of place.

1960- The 60s brought about big hair and cat eyes. Groovy!

1970- Women of the 70s used their afros as a symbol of pride during the “black is beautiful” movement.

1980- The 80s were all about the teased poufy hair and extravagant brightly colored makeup.

1990- Box braids were common in 90s hair, accompanied by chunky jewelry.

2000- The 2000s saw an increase in natural hairstyles, mixing the old with the new.

2010- Is all about embracing natural beauty. Hair is worn in a more natural style and makeup is kept minimal.

Which era is your favorite? How about recreating some of these looks yourself?

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