We all have reasons for wanting to grow out our hair. Maybe you got a haircut that left you less than thrilled, or maybe you are just craving those long locks for spring. Either way, by nourishing your body you can nourish your hair. So put down the hair treatments and pick up some of these foods for longer and stronger hair.food1) Yellow Bell Peppers- Yellow bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C which strengthens the hair shaft and follicles as well as prevents breakage. Did you know that a yellow bell pepper contains almost five and a half times more vitamin C than an orange?

2) Oysters- Bump up your zinc consumption and enjoy healthier hair. Zinc deficiency has been known to cause hair loss and poor scalp condition.

3) Eggs- Eggs are a great source of omega-3s and biotin which keep your scalp healthy and promote hair growth.

4) Sunflower Seeds- Contain a good amount of vitamin E which will increase blood flow to the scalp and increase hair growth.

5) Sweet Potatoes- Like the carrot, sweet potatoes are jam packed with beta carotene (a precursor for vitamin A) which encourages hair growth and a healthy scalp.

Before you grab a hair nourishing snack give the experts at Indo Hair a call. We will help you achieve the luscious look you are wanting without waiting for your natural hair to grow out.