The flat iron can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. If you don’t relax your hair using a flat iron can give you straight hair whenever you want. If you do chemically straighten your hair adding a flat iron to your routine can boost shine. Either way you win!

Here are some tips to make you hair the silkiest and smoothest it has ever been


  • Begin with nourished hair. Keeping you tresses deep conditioned once a week will ensure you don’t fry your strands.
  • Even if you do deep condition, always apply a leave-in heat protecting spray or lotion to act as a shield before you add heat. You can also add a straightening balm to help relax natural curls.
  • When you do turn up the heat, separate the hair into one inch sections and hold taut with a tension comb.
  • Run the flat iron down your hair, making sure to get close to the scalp to prevent missing any strands.
  • Once you have straightened your hair don’t forget to add a shine serum to polish off your silky new look.

If you want your hair silky smooth without the hassle how about trying out a new weave or partial? Make an appointment at Indo Hair to get your dream hair today!