Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Therefore, it’s time to start thinking about, yes your outfit! Have you thought about your “I Heart Me” Day nail style? Whether it’s to make you feel glamorous, or just because you like nail art, there’s no better excuse snuggle up with your manicurist and have a litle girl talk.

What do we recommend at Indo hair for Valentine’s Day? Classic red nails.

Red is sexy, vibrant and even a little daring. It shows that you are confident, and that you don’t need a fancy dinner to know your worth. While you can’t go wrong with classic red, a deep wine-colored lacquer is also super sultry. Red nails are not just a color, they are an attitude. And yes, they go with everything!

Complete your Valentine’s Day look with a new ‘do! Visit Indo Hair to discover the finest quality hair in Los Angeles!