Add a little BoHo Glam to your Valentine’s day style. Braids are feminine, and an easy way to make an outfit look sultry. If your date grabs you by the braid and pulls you in for a kiss, be sure to thank us.

3 Valentine’s Day Braid Ideas

Loose Half-Up-Half-Down Braid

Grab three 4-inch sections of your hair and maneurveur your hair as you would a french braid, only more loosely. Complete the technique until you reach the end of the hairstrand. Finally, lock the braid in place with a cute barrett or hairpiece!


Milkmaid Braid

Celebrities such as Rihanna have rocked the Milkmaid Braid, now it’s your turn. Starting behind each ear, braid a three to four inch section of hair and secure both braids with an elastic. Wrap them around your head, hugging the nape of your neck, and pin them in place.


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French Braided Bun

Make two loose french braids on each side of your head.  Pin up your loose braids in a ponytail behind your head toward your next. Curl and tease any loose hair for an extra romantic effect.

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