One by one, celebrities are snipping off their long tresses for shoulder length hair. Shoulder length hair makes a woman look sexy, sophisticated, and independent. Shoulder length hair is perfect for a woman who wants to step into the world with confidence, rather than hiding behind her long, Rapunzel mane. If you decide to embrace the shoulder-length hair trend, we recommend that you purchase hair that is slightly longer than your projected hairstyle, and ask your stylist to give you the haircut your want. That way, your shoulder length haircut will look fuller.

Here are a few celebrities who have transformed their hair, and will be rocking the shoulder-length style in 2015.


Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley outgrew her blond bombshell look and embraced an equally voluminous shoulder-length hairstyle. Of course, she still looks great. We love her blowout and her exquisitely groomed roots.


Freida Pinto’s bob was recently named one of the hottest celebrity haircuts of 2015, and we couldn’t agree more! Here, she styles her adorable, asymmetrical bob with a deep side-part, and gives her bang a voluptuous curl. To achieve a similar daily style, apply mouse and wrap the bottom half of your bang in curlers over night. Pin down the opposite side of your hair for a more retro look!


Have you seen Rita Ora’s platinum pink bob? She takes the stages with her cotton candy ‘do. Though it’s bold, it’s also feminine and demure. Her classy haircut and flawlessly groomed roots make the hairstyle a keeper for 2015.

If you’re not sure that shoulder length hair is right for you, experiment with a wig!

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