2015 is here!

And it’s time to start thinking about this year’s beauty trends and beauty buys.

Of course, you can come into our store, and pick out some exciting new hair for yourself! We’ve also included a few beauty ideas that will match your new gorgeous 2015 look!

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How to Create a Mauve Eye

Experiment with a gorgeous mauve eye to go with your new hairstyle.

Begin by applying your favorite shade of mauve to your eyelid. Your eyelid is the part of the eye that runs from your eyelashes to your crease.

Next, apply a lighter color to your brow bone. It’s best if you have a lovely mauve pallet, where the colors complement one another. Highlighting your brow bone with a matching pearly off-white will add depth to your eye.

Next, apply a shade of deep purple color to your crease. Use the correct brush to make gentle strokes in this area. Finally, blend all three using a blending brush, or your fingers.

Don’t forget to apply eyeliner and mascara! Pair with a pink lipstick and blush!