Who loves the finest quality hair extensions from Brazil or India? You, of course! But have you considered whether or not your hair pieces are truly authentic?

Unfortunately, reports show that some hair piece suppliers do not have their customer’s interests at heart. Manufactures  mismark their pieces’ country of origin, blend batches, and use chemicals to alter the hair’s texture and perceived quality.

Unlike other hair extension supply stores, Indo hair pieces are correctly marked to ensure that our customers receive the best hair extensions on the market.

With sales exceeding 12 billion dollars a year, customers should look out for scams and marketing ploys of every kind.

3 Ways To Test If You Have High-Quality Extensions


1. Wash the hair piece two or three times. If the hair begins to tangle by the third wash, it means that your hair extensions are likely not authentic.

2. Does your hair start to tangle after you’ve applied heat? Then, it’s possible that the hair supplier put chemicals on the hair to make it appear silky and tangle free. The chemicals are destroyed as soon as they are exposed to heat, according to Hello Beautiful.

2. Run your fingers down the shaft to ensure that the hair cuticles are in the same direction. The hair should feel smooth as your fingers travel down the hair shaft, and the hair should feel rough as it travels up the hair shaft. Test on a few sections of the hair piece. If the feeling is not uniform, it might be because the hairs were not properly installed. During your next visit, ask a representative at Indo Hair to help you with the cuticle test.

3. No two hair textures are completely alike; likewise, no two hair truly virgin hair pieces  are truly alike. At Indo hair, you will find that all of our hair pieces possess a unique curl pattern because our products are authentic.

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