You just got asked out on a date- how exciting! Once the butterflies settle down and you’ve suppressed the urge to giggle like a maniac, the hard part comes- figuring out what to wear and what to do with your hair. Don’t drive yourself crazy (or make yourself late!) by stressing out in front of the mirror for hours. Keep calm, and just be your fabulous self.If you have Indo Hair already, you’re probably good to go. However, if you’re looking for something new to try out or to up your ‘wow’ factor, a little bit of creativity may be in order.

Here are some hairstyle ideas that will make anyone look effortlessly gorgeous and knock your date right off their feet. We’re positive they’ll be planning the second date in mere seconds of seeing you.


Over the Shoulder- Emphasize your long hair and tastefully show off some skin.

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Old School, Baby- Nothing will stop your date in their tracks like classic wavy hair pinned up.

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Straight- Not only will you look clean and polished, your silk smooth strands will make them want to run their fingers through you hair.

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Braided Bun- A bun is classic and feminine, and adding in braids is like a one-two punch.

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