Hair extensions are a great protective style to utilize any time of year. They are also an investment. And like all investments, hair extensions need to be cared for.

Your extensions and your natural hair underneath require special attention every day, regardless of your hair goals.

If you follow these instructions, your natural hair will grow healthy and strong and you will look fabulous.

Hair stylists recommend leaving in your weave in for 10 – 12 weeks.

If you leave it in longer, you risk damaging your precious natural hair.

Also, remember that the hair that you leave out is vulnerable to severe breakage because it is susceptible to pulling, rough touching, and heat damage.

Sometimes we handle our natural hair like we handle our extensions, when in reality our natural hair should be treated much more gently.

Ask your stylist to leave out only a small portion of your hair, depending on your preferred style. Braiding away your own hair will allow it to grow one or two inches, rather than break off!

Also, it will make your weave look more uniform, depending on the cut and style.

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